Travelling solo or with buddies, work friends, family, spouse or kids… We say JUST TRAVEL! We all go through the monotonous &  mundane things in life, days, months and even years just seem to fly by in life’s routine tasks. Some of us also forget that our life is to enjoy for what we’ve been working towards. In the web of all the cares, worries, duties and responsibilities of our little world (family, work and friends) one has to make time to rejuvenate their minds and renew their spirit. We…

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Still thinking of starting your own business?

Still thinking of starting your own business Start Up Motivation

You have a desire to start your own business but are dragging the years and waiting for the right time, where you think at one point you will have the backup of money, the circumstances will be favorable and you will get the right contacts if so then you might be losing your months/years.   90℅ of the time, If you wait for a ‘certain time’ to come, you may end up working years under your boss by harbouring a desire of becoming a boss yourself deep down your heart.…

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