Virtual Reality (VR), How it works?

Virtual Reality (VR), How it works

Virtual Reality or Virtual environment is the use of a technology to create three dimensional environment which places user in such a way, feels part of the experience. You may have seen the device which people wear over their eyes and it looks like a fancy goggles, that are VR headsets. Also referred as HMDs which is nothing but head mounted displays. Companies like Oculus Rift, HTC, Sony and Samsung make these HMDs and are affordable in price. The aim of the VR headset is to give user a 3D…

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The re-launch of NOKIA 3310

Nokia 3310

The year 2000 came along with many new introduction in the world of technology and Gadgets precisely. From USB flash drives, Iphone3 , Play stations, Windows XP to Apple’s IPODs and many other phone devices that hit the market back then. Let’s talk about cellular phones in particular today since we have seen an enormous evolution in this segment from its design to its functionality and its only getting affordable and better by the day. Yes! so much so that even a petty vendor at the corner of your street…

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Doctor at your fingertips!

Doctor Patient Video Calling

In today’s fast paced life and an ever evolving, dynamic environment it’s nearly exhausting to be at par with all the exceptional challenges that life brings with it. We all work towards to making our everyday chores a lot more efficient and hence look to make these tasks more simpler which allows us to spend and give our valuable time for the things that needs our undivided attention. However, most of us feel we can multitask, being able to give our time and attention to all of the tasks simultaneously.…

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