Virtual Reality (VR), How it works?

Virtual Reality (VR), How it works

Virtual Reality or Virtual environment is the use of a technology to create three dimensional environment which places user in such a way, feels part of the experience. You may have seen the device which people wear over their eyes and it looks like a fancy goggles, that are VR headsets. Also referred as HMDs which is nothing but head mounted displays. Companies like Oculus Rift, HTC, Sony and Samsung make these HMDs and are affordable in price. The aim of the VR headset is to give user a 3D…

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Corporate Fashion!

Well fitted, clean cuts and minimal accessories are what the modern working women prefer and thereby choose comfort clothing over anything that is overly stylish at least for a work environment. Gone are the days where work clothing meant boring and not so pleasant fashion with the quintessential trousers matched with a monochromatic, similar designed shirts with those typical blackpumps. Let’s see how we can possibly change the notion of a boring dress up into a chic yet comfort dressing. Fashion in these times have evolved and gotten more affordable…

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Whatsapp features you may not know about!


Many Technology giants like Google, Apple, Facebook among others are promoting  “Two-Step” verification that adds more security. Needless to say that most often hackers find their way to get through to your accounts and other confidential accounts however careful you are with regards to the passwords.   Whatsapp recently rolled this particular feature of “Two-step Verification” for its chat services. If you recollect we were initially only made to punch in our mobile number, name and OTP sent via text message in order to get through the setup process. In…

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Still thinking of starting your own business?

Still thinking of starting your own business Start Up Motivation

You have a desire to start your own business but are dragging the years and waiting for the right time, where you think at one point you will have the backup of money, the circumstances will be favorable and you will get the right contacts if so then you might be losing your months/years.   90℅ of the time, If you wait for a ‘certain time’ to come, you may end up working years under your boss by harbouring a desire of becoming a boss yourself deep down your heart.…

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