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In today’s fast paced life and an ever evolving, dynamic environment it’s nearly exhausting to be at par with all the exceptional challenges that life brings with it.

We all work towards to making our everyday chores a lot more efficient and hence look to make these tasks more simpler which allows us to spend and give our valuable time for the things that needs our undivided attention.

However, most of us feel we can multitask, being able to give our time and attention to all of the tasks simultaneously. Yes! we could and most of us are blessed to finish a lot of things with the same level of efficiency and success.

Well, on the other hand  there are people who wish their work to be completed automatically without any effort.

However, it’s quite a challenge to note some smaller tasks of probably periodic medical checkups for elderly parents or other family members, insurance premium payout, monthly bill payments and so on.

Looking at various groups of people we intend to introduce some of the user friendly apps in this section that aids in making our lives better.


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Convenient , personal family physician ,connects instantly and personal care are some of adjectives that best describes this particular app.

Today we’d like to introduce VISIT – an app that enables each of us to bring home personal care of doctors and specialists for the entire family. In today’s age where we find ourselves tied to our ever demanding and tiring jobs and juggling work and home which can be challenging at times there is an ease when it comes to medical care which is utmost important.


Download this app and you will find yourself free from making incalculable phone calls to the doctors to get a convenient appointment and also wading through the dreadful traffic which probably would consume all of your evening & energy.

What really catches your attention in this is the kind of service that would get at your doorstep. Firstly you can request a specialist or a general physician with whom you can connect within 30 minutes over a video call or a normal call, you can then proceed to explain in detail to your doctor about the condition also something that is really nice is their follow up over chats and messages for 7 days which is free.


You can be rest assured that all of the details , personal information and anything else that involves something very delicate will be handled with extreme level of privacy and discretion.

Something that could also be very helpful are the articles that one can find their page ranging from food & nutrition, Teen Psychology , fitness, Women’s health to parenting and many more, which I think keeps us updated in various areas of well-being and to be informed on the latest news of any aspect of overall health.


Children to elders


Lastly, prices for different categories like gynecologists, general physicians, dermatologist and various other specialists have their respective consultation fee where you are aware of the fee even before you avail the service.

So let’s begin early and make our Family medical care a priority from infants to the elderly.

Download the VISIT app now and Visit the doctor at your convenience


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