The re-launch of NOKIA 3310

Nokia 3310

The year 2000 came along with many new introduction in the world of technology and Gadgets precisely. From USB flash drives, Iphone3 , Play stations, Windows XP to Apple’s IPODs and many other phone devices that hit the market back then.

Let’s talk about cellular phones in particular today since we have seen an enormous evolution in this segment from its design to its functionality and its only getting affordable and better by the day. Yes! so much so that even a petty vendor at the corner of your street would own a SMART PHONE today! such is the progress from where we have seen landlines , to pagers to geometry box sized phones.

I think we all wished that our parents could own and upgrade to newer handsets each time and then when we got to college, I still remember I was given my Mom’s Old Nokia set which I don’t remember the model number but yes such was the dream back in those days.

How could one ever forget NOKIA – the brand that introduced some of the finest cellular phones in that decade. I’m sure we all preferred Nokia to any other brands. In particular everyone would remember the NOKIA 3310/3390 that came in black, navy blue and grey colours

It had some of the striking features in a phone those days from a long lasting battery        (for days together)to all other basic yet most required features from call management to SMS predictive text input to multiple sending and easy insertion of smilies templates and so on, also another addictive game those days used to be the game of ‘Snake’ and with every up gradation of the Nokia phones this game was also more addictive and even today people lovingly joke about how the phone withstood any fall from whatever height and even in fact it would ones foot. That’s how sturdy the phone was.

Here is the good news! Nokia to re-launch its prominent 3310 model again, of course more stylish in design. HMD , an independent Finnish company has been formed by a team of innovation driven industrialists who are now responsible for the new re-launch of the favourite phone.

The phone now comes with an option of 4 vibrant colours, however it has an alphanumeric keyboard and no touch screen, more slimmer and lighter than the original so you can be sure it wouldn’t hurt your toe now (lol)

Has a colour display of 2.4 inch and has the iconic Snake game also this phone boats “long” battery life like the original model now it supposedly lasts up to 22 hours of talk time and a month long stand by. Isn’t it great!

What you can’t expect is high resolution screen, touch sensation ,fancy camera, wifi connectivity and many more features specific android only. Well this is kept simple in order to meet the needs of people who do not want the “smart phones”

Priced anywhere between 3000-4000 Rs. It’s a decent phone for a basic usage along with 2 megapixel camera and internal memory of 16MB expandable up to 32GB and 2G connectivity.


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