Virtual Reality (VR), How it works?

Virtual Reality (VR), How it works

Virtual Reality or Virtual environment is the use of a technology to create three dimensional environment which places user in such a way, feels part of the experience.

You may have seen the device which people wear over their eyes and it looks like a fancy goggles, that are VR headsets. Also referred as HMDs which is nothing but head mounted displays.

Companies like Oculus Rift, HTC, Sony and Samsung make these HMDs and are affordable in price.

The aim of the VR headset is to give user a 3D virtual and life size environment, device closer to the eyes gives practically immersed experience to the user. The experience is different unlike what we watch on television or phones because this image follows whichever direction you look. The video which user sees in VR, is sent to the headset from the computer via a HDMI cable or in some of them smartphone is directly positioned into the headset.

HMDs contain two monitors one for each eye, it gives or adds an illusion of depth to a flat image. VR headsets can increase the feeling of being immersed by increasing the view i.e. how wide you can view the picture. Most of the high-end headsets do have 100-110 degree of view which is quite wide enough.

VR headsets come with sensors, one of it’s sensor is called ‘Head tracking’ in which the image in front of you moves in an angle or direction as your head moves. This system is known as “Six degrees of freedom” which detects head in x y z axis in order to measure head movements. Head tracking technology allows user to get fully immersed into the gaming environment and sound surrounded throughout the headset adds to the ultimate experience.

How about being more involved and interactive in a virtual space? Yes, that’s precisely why the motion tracking is developed, now that a user is engrossed in the virtual environment with the help of headset, it’s natural for the user to move the body along with it, Motion tracking involves moving hands and legs in order to interact and being engaged in the environment.

Hand controllers, for instance in gaming environment hand controller helps you to take full control over the action. With it you feel like taking a big move with minimal effort.

Eye tracking is highly sensitive feature where your eyes move and an infrared sensor monitor’s your eye movement inside. The main advantage of this feature is the eye and head coordination. It’s a great medium of interaction for the best VR experience.

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