Whatsapp features you may not know about!


Many Technology giants like Google, Apple, Facebook among others are promoting  “Two-Step” verification that adds more security. Needless to say that most often hackers find their way to get through to your accounts and other confidential accounts however careful you are with regards to the passwords.


  • Whatsapp recently rolled this particular feature of “Two-step Verification” for its chat services. If you recollect we were initially only made to punch in our mobile number, name and OTP sent via text message in order to get through the setup process. In case you misplace your phone it was very easy for someone to access your Whatsapp profile/chats simply by using your SIM in a different handset, also it used to take only SMS to authenticate. But with the advent of two-step you need to go to an account in your profile settings and you would get Two-Step verification right below security. Enabling that will lead to a pop up of a six digit pass-code every time you need to authenticate your account and in case you if ever forget your pass-code there is a way to reset it by giving your correct email ID, be careful if you provide the wrong one, there are chances that your account/profile would be locked.


  • Next feature is quite a helpful one if you’re the kind of person who would read messages on a group chat after long hours and would want to reply/comment on something specifically. Remember how funny it was when friends would respond to something that everyone would have probably forgotten by then. This is a cool feature which allows one to reply to a specific forward, question etc. All one needs to do is press and hold a particular forward or line of the message in the group chat and immediately hit the backward button (menu comes right on top in Android and ‘reply’ on an iPhone) and there you go, you can type your comment and send



  • Something that we recently encountered this new feature. It is easier to know in an individual chat whether the message is read or not- right from the last seen status to now the Blue tick mark shows when the message is read, whereas it was not really easy to know whether our message is seen or lost in the trail of conversations in the group chat however, you can now apparently check who all have read your message on the group chat. Interesting isn’t it? all you have to do is press and hold the message you have sent and an array of menu comes right on top so now hit on the “i ” icon , which allows you to view who all and how many people have viewed your message content. So this is for the android , for IOS you simply need press and hold your message and swipe to the right to view the viewers of the message




  • Using the audio file / clips which is nothing but the voice messages in the chats came across as something new and innovative but the only disadvantage was how loud it played the minute you play the clip. Well now the good news is that you can now listen to the voice messages subtly by placing the phone near your ears which automatically lets the message from loud speaker to quietly conveying in the earpiece.



MacBook Pro


  • All Instagram users and of course Facebook users would know how to mention a person in particular if you need convey a message to them when there is a string of conversations flowing through, you use the @sign and mention the name of the person and that particular would get a notification about your comment. Similarly , WhatsApp now has the same feature which allows one to use the @ sign and mention any particular name or even the number that is in case you haven’t saved some of the contacts, don’t worry you will get a list of everyone on the group so it makes it all the more easier to address someone in specific and alerts them about the same that they have been mentioned by you.



  • Another recent feature of whatsApp is pin chats, where a user can pin their favourite chats by long pressing on the individual chat name by which the chat name gets selected and at the same time an icon of pinning appears on the menu bar.



User can pin upto 3 chats by selecting an individual chat name. After selection simply press the pin icon, the moment you press the icon the pop up appears, saying ‘chat pinned’.

This would help a user to prioritize prompt reply to the important pinned chat for that particular moment, as it is on the top of the other chats.



If you want to unpin the chat at any moment, just long press on that particular chat name, the moment it gets selected, press pin icon which is on the menu bar. It will unpin the chat by notifying ‘chat unpinned’.



Above were some of the features that have been updated very recently by this Facebook owned App which has made using this service very suitable, exciting and they have been constantly innovating and adding more user friendly features.


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